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The Slack tool for Superface allows you to quickly add the following capabilities:

  • Fetches a channel history of messages and events.
  • Retrieve a list of channels in a workspace, including public channels, private channels, direct messages, and group messages.
  • Send a Slack message into a channel.


You will need a Slack account.

Are you logged into the right Slack account?

Before you grant Superface access to Slack, double check that you are logged into the Slack workspace that you want to use.


Superface connects to Slack using OAuth. To connect your account, click on the Sign in with Slack button in the Security section of the Slack tool.

Sign in with Slack button in the Config section of the Slack tool

You will be redirected to Slack to authorize the connection. If you are already logged in you will see an overview of permissions like this:

Slack permissions overview

Click on Allow and you will be returned to the Slack tool configuration page.

Import your schema

Remember to re-import the schema in your GPT to update it with the new capabilities added by this tool.

Example prompts

To test that everything is working as it should be, from your GPT or the Superface Agent you can try asking:

  • Show me a list of channels