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Let's get started

After creating your Superface account, you will be directed to your GPT Actions configuration page.

Add a tool

In order to properly connect Superface to your GPT, you will need to have at least one tool installed. To get you moving quickly you can add the tool directly from this page by clicking + Add.

First time users will see this getting started guide

Schema URL & Authentication

Once the tool has been added, the page will refresh with the configuration details you need to connect your OpenAI custom GPT to Superface via an Action.

After adding the tool the page will refresh with schema information.

User Authentication

Additionally, you will need to choose the type of authentication you want Superface to use. The default is Use my credentials. You can find out more about using User-provided credentials in the User Authentication guide.

User authentication choice

Test your GPT with Superface

At this point you will need to head to the configuration of your custom GPT, and set up your GPT Action. Once this is completed you can test your connection with Superface.

Waiting for a connection from OpenAI to come through.

If the configuration is set up correctly, your custom GPT will be able to connect to Superface successfully.

Waiting for a connection from OpenAI to come through.

You are now ready to start adding more tools to Superface that can be used via your GPT.


ChatGPT does not automatically sync changes in your Superface account. You must re-import the schema every time you add or remove a tool.