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Setup your GPT

To connect your custom GPT to Superface you need to add an Action to your GPT configuration. You can do this from the Configure section of the OpenAI GPT editor.

What are Actions in GPTs?

Actions allow you to further customize your GPTs. To find out more about them take a look at the OpenAI Actions in GPTs documentation.

In the configuration scroll to the bottom of the screen until you see the Actions section, then click on Create new action

The OpenAI Action setup can be found at the bottom of your GPT configuration page.

To set up a new action requires authentication, a schema and a privacy policy. All of these are provided on the GPT Actions section of Superface.


To set the authentication for your new Action, click on the cog icon in the authentication section at the top of the Add actions page.

The OpenAI Action authentication settings.

The authentication settings dialogue will open.

The Authentication Type is API Key and the Auth Type is Bearer.

Copy the Action Authentication Token from your GPT Actions page in Superface and paste it into the API Key field.

The authentication token for the API Key field can be found in the GPT Actions settings page of Superface.

Click on Save. Your authentication is now set up.


Next, you need to import the action schema that defines the different tools that your GPT will be able to access. We recommend using the Import from URL option for this.

The schema setup section.

Click on Import from URL and paste the URL of the Action Schema from your Superface GPT Actions settings. You can get this by clicking Copy Import URL.

The import from URL section.

After pasting your import URL in your GPT configuration, click on Import and OpenAI will fetch the schema from Superface.

Paste your Superface schema URL into the Import from URL text field.

Once the import has completed you will see the full schema loaded into the Schema window

The imported schema will load into the schema textarea.

Available actions

Once the schema is imported from Superface, you will see the full list of available actions that your GPT can use.

The available actions all have their own button for testing.

Testing an action

Any of the available actions can be individually tested by clicking on Test. The results, or any errors, will be shown in the Preview window.

All tests will show in the Preview pane on the right of the screen.

Privacy policy

Custom GPTs have the option of linking to an external Privacy Policy. To help you with this Superface automatically generates a bespoke Privacy Policy URL for you to use.

Example of the Privacy Policy page that Superface generates for you.

The page lists all the tools/APIs that your GPT will have access to and will stay up to date as you add or remove tools in future.

Example of the Privacy Policy page that Superface generates for you.

You can find the URL for the Privacy policy on the GPT Actions settings page in Superface. It can be added to the Privacy policy section of your Action settings in OpenAI.


If you make your GPT public, users will have access to any of your connected tools and APIs using your credentials.