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The OpenWeatherMap tool for Superface allows you to quickly add the following capabilities:

  • Retrieve current weather information for a specified location.


You will need an OpenWeatherMap API account and an API key.

There is a free plan available that offers up to 1000 API calls per day for free, however any overages will be billed meaning that a credit card is required to activate the account.


From your Marketstack dashboard, copy or create a new API Key.

OpenWeatherMap API Keys

Then, in Superface, click on the Config button for the OpenWeatherMap tool and add the API Access Key to the API Key field in the Security section.

Adding the API key in Superface

Click on Save Changes to update the configuration.

Import your schema

Remember to re-import the schema in your GPT to update it with the new capabilities added by this tool.

Example prompts

To test that everything is working as it should be, from your GPT or the Superface Agent you can try asking:

  • What is the weather in Košice, Slovakia?
  • What temp is it in Prague?
  • Is it sunny in Redwoo City, CA?