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The Mixpanel tool for Superface allows you to quickly add the following capabilities:

  • Create a new annotation in a specified project. Requires a role of at least Analyst.
  • Retrieve unique, total, or average data for a set of events over a specified period.
  • Retrieve data for a specific funnel (Rate limit of 60 queries per hour and a maximum of 5 concurrent queries).
  • Retrieve data from Mixpanel Insights reports.
  • Retrieve all annotations for a specific project.
  • Retrieve the names and funnel_ids of your saved funnels.
  • Retrieve a list of the most common event names over the last 31 days.
  • Retrieve a list of user profiles that fit specified parameters.
  • Retrieve the top events for today, including their counts and the normalized percent change from yesterday.
Filter values may be required

Some capabilities do require specific values for filtering or querying. You can reference the Mixpanel Query API documentation for specific details on what query values are needed.


There are two parameters required to set up the Mixpanel tool.

The parameters section of the Mixpanel config

Both the PROJECT_ID and the SERVER can be found in the Mixpanel Project Settings. You can access this by opening the project you want to work with in Mixpanel and expanding the settings menu.

The project settings menu in Mixpanel

For SERVER, enter either:

  • api if your data residency is US.
  • eu if your data residency is within the EU.


Mixpanel recommends that third party tools are connected to its service using Service Accounts. Theese are specific accounts to be used with other tools that will make requests for data, rather than using an account that is assigned to a specific Mixpanel user.

To set up a Service Account in Mixpanel, open the Project Settings and click on Service Accounts.

Click on Add Service Account to create a new account.

The service account set up in Mixpanel

We recommend that you set the Project Role to Analyst. This will ensure the correct level of access to use all of the available tools that Superface provides for Mixpanel.

You are free to set the expiration to whatever you choose. Click on Add to set up the new Service Account.

The service account credentials

Copy the Username and Secret over to the config section of the Mixpanel tool in Superface. Use the Secret as the value for Password.

The service account credentials

Re-import your schema

Remember to re-import the schema in your GPT to update it with the new capabilities added by this tool.

Example prompts

To test that everything is working as it should be, from your GPT or the Superface Agent you can try asking:

  • "Use the Mixpanel top events data and show me a table"
  • "Show me a list of our funnels"
  • "Give me more details on funnel <funnel name>"