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Superface is an AI-powered developer toolkit made up of a CLI and SDK that make creating API integrations faster, and more manageable by helping you think about the use case you want to achieve, not how you need to write the code for the API to achieve it, allowing you to focus on developing what matters.

What is Superface (Demo)​

To learn more about Superface and how the CLI acts as the starting point, check out this video:


Deprecation Notice

We recently started deprecating the previous version of Superface CLI (before 4.0.0), OneSDK (before 3.0.0, for Node.js only) and our provider use case catalog. If you are looking for the documentation for these, check out our Classic Docs section.

Why Superface?​

Superface can be mad beneficial! Here are four reasons why we think you should try it.

💸 Developing integrations over and over is expensive

Use integrations developed by others, just as you'd use npm packages or crates.

🔐 Your data is safe

Superface isn't a proxy nor a middle-man. Your application connects directly to the API you want to use.

🎓 Decoupled workflow

This approach gives you a framework to decouple the lifecycle of your application and the integrations it uses.

🧐 Abstracted Integrations

Superface is a language and a protocol for abstracting integrations as application use cases. Allowing you to unify your integration approach in code regardless of the API provider.