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Below is a list of the frequently asked questions we have encountered from users. If you have a question and you don't see it addressed here, please let us know by sending us a message.


I use the older version of Superface, what should I do?

If you were using the previous version of the Superface app, and using our pre-made Comlinks with OneSDK and the CLI, you can continue to do so for the time being. However, we do plan to deprecate the hosted Comlink functionality later this year so we recommend that you move to the latest version of OneSDK and generate your own Comlink profiles from the documentation.

If you want to migrate to the newest Superface but aren't sure how to approach it, let us know.

What is the license for Superface?

Superface is licensed under the MIT license. You can check out the specific license details in the Readme for OneSDK, and the Superface CLI.

Do I need to purchase a license for production use?

No. There is no license required for production use of OneSDK at this time, however, please be aware that any Comlink profiles you create may not be private, and could be seen by others looking to achieve the same use case. API Keys and other credentials for external APIs are never stored by Superface.

What data does Superface track?

As part of your account, Superface stores a copy of any Comlinks you create via the CLI. These Comlink profiles may be re-used by other users looking to achieve the same use case.

We do not store any API keys or other access credentials for third-party APIs at any stage.

Does Superface CLI work on Windows?

To use the CLI in your Windows environment, you will need to install it using NPM:

npm install -g @superfaceai/cli@latest

I have questions that aren't answered here, where else can I ask?

You are welcome to reach out to us either through email on, or head over to GitHub Discussions and ask your question there. The team are on hand to help you out.


Specific questions related to OneSDK.

Is Superface OneSDK ready for production use?

Superface's OneSDK is currently in beta, so you should expect that changes will be made to future versions. We recommend that you test your application with any new version of OneSDK to ensure it is compatible with previously generated Comlinks before releasing to production.


Specific questions related to the Superface CLI.

How do I keep my CLI up to date?

New releases and changelog information can be found in the Announcements section of GitHub Discussions. You can also check for updates by running brew update and looking for updates to the superfaceai/cli tap.

Yes. You have the option to either use the default profile ID that Superface chooses for your use case, or you can specify an exact ID. This is done when running the superface new command, as follows:

superface new resend "send an email" resend/send-an-email

The format you can use is <provider-name>/<your-chosen-profile-id>.