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Interactive designer

Interactive designer helps with bootstraping your API integration from OpenAPI specification.

Interactive designer allows you to select API endpoint and generate Comlink profile, provider and map. You can test the integration directly in the interactive designer and publish the API integration to Superface catalog.

Once published to Superface catalog you can download the generated project with Comlink profile, provider and map source files.

Following steps will guide you through bootstrapping your integration project using Interactive designer.

Open interactive designer

Go to page.

Get OpenAPI specification

Get URL or code (in YAML or JSON format) of OpenAPI specification of API you would like to integrate. Paste the API specification to integration designer and load the API.

Select API endpoint

Select one API endpoint to create integration from the list.

Push the use case to Superface registry

Select Use in App option and push the use case to Superface registry.

Download source files

On the confirmation page download generated project with source files.

If you run into any issues with the designer and generating Comlink files, reach out to us — we are happy to help!