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PragueJS Community 2022: Developer Experience

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We’re excited to join the PragueJS community as one of their sponsors.

In case you haven't heard, it’s a community of about 2,000 JavaScript developers based mainly in Prague, Czech Republic.

PragueJS community is a group of rising JavaScript enthusiasts 💛  who meet every month in different places, to discuss all the cutting-edge trends and tweaks in JavaScript and related topics.

The April’s meetup topic was Developer Experience (DX) where Jan Vlnas (our developer advocate at Superface) was sharing his insights about how to lose users and alienate developers. 😈

What did the people say?

It was my pleasure to have taken the stage together with Jan Vlnas from Superface. I really enjoyed his standup comedy-like take on DX (especially the “unexpected open source sponsorship”) 🤡

Jozef Zeman, DX Heroes

What did the PragueJS organizers say?

The reason why Karel Žoha, Petr Brzek and I decided to put all the effort into event organisation is quite simple. We wanted to help the community with knowledge sharing and also to have some fun.

PragueJS is currently the biggest JS community in the Czech Republic with a long and pretty turbulent history. We delivered tens of talks to thousands of attendees, all for free.

But the most valuable for me personally are all the new friendships we helped establish over time at our afterparties, which are an important part of the whole experience.

Filip Mareš, co-founder of PragueJS, along with Karel Žoha, and Petr Brzek

So, how do you lose users and alienate developers?

A good documentation, thoughtful library, or well-designed API rarely gets appreciated. So let's try it the other way around! 😁

Annoy your coworkers, drive away contributors, and become infamous in the open-source world with these easy tips.

Sounds doable? Maybe. But have you tried this?

Don't: Examples without reference. Do: Reference without examples.

Memes & all by Jan Vlnas,

Take a look at the full presentation deck (it’s mostly GIFs, though).

You can find a few recorded talks from the past meetups on PragueJS YouTube Channel.

Join the PragueJS community at! There's an upcoming meetup about typed functional programming on June 29th and more coming in September.

By the way, we also have our meetup, called “API Prague: The people and tech behind open APIs”.

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