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Connect GPTs to APIs

Superface allows GPT builders to easily connect to any API, enabling them to create, retrieve, and manage data from external platforms.

Integrate the APIs you need with GPT Actions

OpenAI GPTs are only as good as the actions and capabilities they can access. Superface adds the connectivity required to retrieve data and perform actions on any API.

Illustration of spreadsheet export with GPT Actions
Illustration of Superface AI

Superface makes all your tools available by connecting a single GPT Action.

Purpose-built for AI

Unlike traditional integration platforms, Superface is built specifically enable AI agents to interact with your systems via API.

Actions your GPT needs

Use case specific actions for the tasks you need your GPT to achieve. All managed through a single interface.

Upgrade your GPT development

Superface delivers a seamless Action to API experience for your users without slowing down your GPT workflows.

AI calls for a new type of connectivity

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A new approach to connecting APIs

Traditional API connectors don’t work well with AI/LLMs. They require a new approach to connectivity designed for specific use-cases that won’t clog the model’s context window.

No code. Quick connections.

Enable and configure the tools you need for in just a few clicks. Zero coding is required to connect them to your GPT.

Choose from popular tools

Connect your GPTs to APIs from Google, Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft, Slack and many others, including your own APIs, using a single Action.

Bring your own tools

Superface can connect any API. Even if it doesn't have an Open API Specification.

Built with security in mind

No API abuse. No leaked secrets. You control the credentials for the APIs your GPTs can access.

It is impossible for human eyes to understand so much data from the different sources we have in our environment. Only AI can understand it today.

Cagri KaharanVP of Engineering of Udemy