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Evolving Autonomous Agents at Superface

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When you think about it, it’s pretty silly that supposed AI assistants like Siri understand what you need but can only act once someone manually connects them to the APIs they require to achieve the outcome you want.

When we started Superface three years ago, we aimed to bring instant API connectivity to every application. Framed by a vision that in the future general AI would not rely on human work to connect APIs.

The AI came faster than most were expecting, and with it came an urgent need for connectivity.

API connectors

Many successful SaaS applications take advantage of the number of connectors they have manually hoarded over time. Yet, the reality is that these connectors are expensive, slow to build, and hard to maintain.

There are integration platforms like Workato and Tray that take away some of the heavy lifting of building with many platforms, or unified APIs, such as Merge, that provide a standarized approach to API integrations that may speed things along. However, there’s a downside in that these connectors tend to be universal, intentionally "one size fits all," so a large number of developers can reuse them.

That approach doesn't fit with the promise of AI.

To connect to a service, you need API documentation. Typically, this documentation is intended for human engineers. Machine-readable formats exist, but they are far from common meaning that in the past, automating an integration from API documentation just wasn't feasible. Even if you could, the information conveyed in the docs is usually incomplete and it would still require a developer to test API calls manually in order to build an integration that yields the needed results.

Now, as the final day of 2023 drift by, we are at the dawn of a new era where the connector mongers will no longer be the gatekeepers of who and what you can connect to because this kind of automated connectivity is finally possible.

Automating API integrations

Earlier in 2023, Superface delivered an AI-powered tool that could analyze API documentation, with it, you could ingest an API doc (such as an Open API Specification), state your use cases, and get a working integration, with just a couple of CLI commands.

The beauty was that you no longer needed to understand how the API was implemented. Very often, you didn't even need an extensive understanding of the problem domain because our algorithms mapped your vocabulary to the API for you!

It didn't end there. This was just the start. We are taking this further.

What can you do with unlimited ubiquitous connectors that are quick to build? Enter the next generation of applications: Autonomous Agents!

Evolving Autonomous Agents

An agent takes prompts from its user and carries out those tasks.

Unlike conventional user agents (e.g., web browsers), an autonomous agent can make decisions and, depending on the implementation, decide on a course of action. Some agents can even learn from the actions they took and re-align themselves to figure out what to do next. They are endlessly fascinating.

That fascination led us to develop the next iteration of Superface.

This December, we are launching the new Superface agent that can connect to the systems you use so you can ask it about your business and get the answers in no time!

The Superface Agent interface querying information from ClickHouse

The Superface Agent interface querying information from ClickHouse

Our agent isn’t just limited to information retrieval, however, It is about so much more than just getting the information. Superface agent can securely execute operations like creating records, updating tables, or sending emails.

Superface agent is the first agent in the world to add automation and scheduling capabilities to the tasks you give it!

Do you fancy those reports from all the systems in your mailbox every morning? Now you can! You only need to write down your request and schedule it. Need to see which members of the sales team have the most calls booked this week? Just ask.

Think of it as a single super-interface for all your systems.

Does this sound super to you?

We expect to be opening the doors for everyone in January, but until then the Superface agent is in a closed beta for a few more weeks. If you’re interested in talking to us about how it can help you bring super powers to your disparate systems and seeing how the whole thing works, we'd love to show you.

Contact us today and book a demo.

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