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Superface's AI Agent: Transforming Business Processes

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In 2019, Superface CTO Zdeněk Němec and I began testing the idea of a technology capable of self-integrating APIs with various experts and investors.

Zdenek's vision of applications with the ability to understand human commands and, subsequently, create business actions through API integrations excited everyone we spoke with.

We forged ahead and, over the next two years, developed a technology named Comlink that could be used to describe API integrations and associated business use cases in a way that AI could understand.

Fast forward to early 2023, as the world opened up to the emergence of OpenAI and ChatGPT. We were approached with the idea that Comlink could be adapted and used by so-called “AI Agents”.

That was a new term for me, but I quickly learned that these agents could be more than just advanced toys—they could be powerful tools for managing information and business operations in companies worldwide.

The advent of Large Language Model based AI from companies such as OpenAI and other supporting tools encouraged us to accelerate our research and development in this space and we began incorporating advanced AI into our product offering. First, we developed our CLI and OneSDK tools for developers with the aim of enabling them to streamline their API development processes.

This was achieved by using natural language prompts in the CLI to state their desired use cases, coupled with AI to create all the code elements required by our SDK to execute them.

I was blown away. It was amazing for me, as an only occasional hacker, to be able to achieve such powerful working API integrations without reading any documentation.

It quickly became clear that this autonomous approach to connecting APIs would be valuable to more than just developers.

It quickly became clear that this autonomous approach to connecting APIs would be valuable to more than just developers, and there would be a huge advantage for any business using it to connect their various business systems together into one place.

Automating Business Processes with AI Agents

We realised that to maximize the power of what we had created we would have to develop an AI Agent of our own that could make the most of the original Comlink connectivity. This agent could then be used to automate business processes inside companies quickly because it would greatly simplify connecting all of those disparate SaaS APIs in a way that hadn't been seen before.

Superface’s agent is a huge step for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps with decision making by gathering data from multiple sources (such as CRMs, for example) and responding to queries in natural language.

Superface connects directly to your systems and SaaS applications and works with the data and information they contain.

Unlike ChatGPT, Superface connects directly to your systems and SaaS applications and works with the data and information they contain. Furthermore, Superface’s agent is the first to offer automation of business tasks exclusively through AI, allowing you to automate your daily tasks without any requiring any technical knowledge.

We believe that the transition from the original Comlink technology to this new agent is a natural, and inevitable evolution of Superface and is exactly right for the current market conditions. We have been closely monitoring how the business world is evolving around AI, and our observations have led us to believe that now is the ideal time to deploy new tool for a new way of working.

A real world example of using Superface's agent to work with data from Pipedrive CRM

For those of you who have been following our journey, we want to emphasize that Superface is continually evolving and now focuses on providing solutions that are even more aligned with the needs of modern businesses.

With Superface, the new era of API integrations and AI automations go hand in hand. Offering you a powerful tool for more efficient and intelligent business operations combined with the ability to connect to any data via APIs.

AI Agents will become the main engine for managing all key aspects of business.

AI at the core of business ops

If I were to start a new company today, it would be AI-first. All the operations would be designed and managed with the aim of maximizing the use of what AI and LLMs can offer. With this approach, an AI agent would play a key role in managing operational tasks that today require a significant portion of a company's day-to-day resources.

Superface's agent is already a big part of how we run our own day-to-day business operations, with more and more tasks and automations being added each week.

To learn more about the commercial use of Superface and how we can transform everyday operations in your company, we invite you to book a demo and see a powerful new way of working in action.

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