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Our Experience at HackPrague 2021 hackathon

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We are so excited to share our experience from HackPrague 2021 hackathon, where we were participating as one of the sponsors. Our main goal was to reconnect with the dev & startup community and share our experience. 💙

HackPrague winners on stage with Superface team

HackPrague believes that Central Europe has tremendous innovative potential and that Prague can become the 'Silicon City' of Europe. They bring together Europe's brightest tech innovators to collaborate, create novel solutions, and share their knowledge by organizing community events, including hackathons, workshops, and lectures.

We came up with our branded challenge, especially for the HackPrague hackathon community. 🌟

HackPrague logo from 3D printer

Hack API integrations with Superface

Superface is about simplifying API integrations so you can spend more time on your project.

Teams used OneSDK for Node.js in their hackathon projects by picking any of our existing use-cases from Superface Capabilities Catalog (like sending an email, sending SMS, geocoding, parcel tracking) or implementing custom use-case on their own.

Superface challenge pitch for hackathon attendees with "API integrations" slide

Who won the Superface challenge?

Our absolute favorite is the Quick Squad team that used Superface in their application for sending emails to customers and SMS to their clients and won Google Nest Mini 2. 🎁 Along with the Quick Squad, Memory Leak and Open Whiteboard Initiative tried out autonomous integrations and shared their feedback!

Quick Squad team working on their project

More about the projects:

Quick Squad team: MyGym project

MyGym is a CRM created for sport teachers and small schools to easily manage all the data: attendees, program, income, etc.

Team: Roman AksenenkoRaissa De Austria EspañolDavid PlevaPeter Utekal.

Quick Squad's pitch

We have used Superface in our application for sending emails to customers and SMS to their clients. And it was extremely easy! You don't need to care about choosing a provider, comparing providers capabilities, learning API, etc.

Everything you need to know – some API keys and Superface API. And what is also important – I can easily switch providers, based on my business needs and their limitations without any change of implementation. Pure magic!

We would continue using Superface, looking into other scenarios and integrations – and looking forward to see messengers integrations – like WhatsApp, Telegram and others.

Roman Aksenenko, Technical Product Manager at Polarion (Siemens PLM Software) & HackPrague 2021 hackathon winner

Memory Leak team: Slist platform

Memory Leak team decided to create a platform where people can find best suitable services for them and compare offers by different providers.

Team: Daniil Poletaev, Tomáš Šesták, Ondřej Dočkal, Andrii Ivashchuk.

Memory Leaks's pitch

Open Whiteboard Initiative

OWBI is an initiative for standardizing the way how digital whiteboards exchange data. We have created an open format for this.

Team lead: Pavol Hejny.

Open Whiteboard Initiative pitch

Who eventually won the HackPrague 2021 hackathon?

Top 6 teams were selected in this round and competed against
each other on the final stage.

  • Fitaci: View Later
  • Null: GEasy
  • Open whiteboard initiative
  • Quick Squad: MyGym
  • Forever alones: MeWe
  • Hedged.AI


🥇 place: Quick Squad, MyGym
🥈 place: Forever alones, MeWe
🥉 place:, Hedged.AI

Introductory HackPrague presentation with schedule

Thank you all organisers and sponsors that made this event real! HackPrague, DX Heroes, Applifting, Alza, Siesta Labs, Deepnote, Seed Starter ČS, Apify, GoodData, Emplifi, and others. 💙

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