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Superface GPT Actions: Connect your GPT to APIs

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The OpenAI store for custom GPTs has now launched. Yet GPTs are only as good as the data they can access and the actions they can take.

In other words, GPTs are pretty limited if they can’t interact with the outside world. Most commonly, this interaction happens via tools that connect APIs.

At Superface, we’re all about enabling AI with APIs, and we understand that AI needs a new type of connectivity to perform well when connecting to API powered services and platforms.

That is why we have launched Superface GPT Actions – the easiest and fastest way to add actions to your GPT!

If you want your GPT to connect to your Google Calendar, create a spreadsheet, check your Hubspot sales pipeline, or interact with any other SaaS app, we’ve got you covered!

Superface GPT Actions comes with ready-to-connect tools for popular SaaS applications, but it also allows you to add any other API, including your own. We’ve taken great care to deliver the best experience possible for you and your GPT users so they don’t have to sign up for a third-party service while using your GPT.

Superface connects all your SaaS platforms and APIs into one place that your GPT has access to

You can quickly and easily manage your connected APIs in Superface and use them all from your GPT via a single GPT Action.

We often hear concerns about AI/LLM security and privacy, so we’ve built Superface GPT Actions with this in mind, including automatically updating a detailed privacy page you can use when publishing your GPT on the OpenAI GPT store.

With all this combined, Superface gives you everything you need to confidently build your GPT: a secure way to run actions and a privacy page for your GPT users.

You can try Superface GPT actions today for free at

We can’t wait to see what you build!

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