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Connect a GPT Action to Superface

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When combined, custom GPTs and GPT Actions offer many possibilities. Any GPT that can connect to services outside of ChatGPT immediately becomes more powerful, and the scope of what they can achieve is vastly increased.

GPT Actions

A custom GPT is connected to other services using GPT Actions. These actions allow the GPT to connect to APIs through an Open API Specification, which represents the endpoints the API has to offer and the required inputs, expected outputs, and authentication requirements.

This is great, but this implementation has some downsides once your ambition goes beyond a few endpoints into many endpoints from many different APIs. You will soon find yourself cold and alone down the schema rabbit hole, wondering what you’re missing in the outside world.

Let’s face it: you want to build GPTs, not Open API Specifications, right?

One Action. Many APIs.

We created Superface to help with this problem by enabling you to connect popular SaaS platforms and other APIs to a central hub that can be used in your custom GPT by connecting a single GPT Action.

How a GPT connects to Superface to access all your platforms and APIs

With Superface, you don’t have to worry about creating or managing Open API specifications because we provide and maintain them on your behalf, regardless of how many platforms you have connected and whether you used our pre-built connectors or added your own.

Connecting a GPT to Superface

Let’s say you want to connect a GPT you are building to some of the platforms you and your colleagues use regularly so that you can have a single interface for all the different pieces of information and queries.

Start by setting up an account with Superface. You can try it for free.

Once logged in, you will be guided through the steps you need to connect your GPT Action to Superface. We outline them in the Superface documentation, but those steps are:

  1. Add an Action to your GPT
  2. Set up the authentication
  3. Import the schema from Superface

To ensure you have your connection between your GPT and Superface set up correctly, we ask you to add our tool (Who doesn’t want to ask about the weather, right?) which is then added to your initial schema and available to use immediately so you can test your connection.

The initial set up screen for Superface GPT Actions

Adding a GPT Action for Superface

Connecting your custom GPT to Superface takes just a few moments, once you find the Actions settings section. It's not most visible button in the GPT configuration, hiding out at the very bottom of the page.

Start by adding an Action to your GPT.

Click the Create new action button

The GPT Actions setup page in your Superface account gives you the three pieces of information you need to get the Action set up in ChatGPT.

  1. The authentication information
  2. The URL to use to import the schema to your GPT
  3. A privacy policy URL (which automatically updates when you add new tools!)
How the information on the Superface set up page relates to the GPT configuration

You can test the connection using the prompt suggested on the Superface GPT Action setup screen. If everything is working correctly, you'll see that Superface connected successfully.

How the information on the Superface set up page relates to the GPT configuration

Your GPT is now set up and connected to Superface. It's time to add some tools.

Adding Tools to Superface

Superface offers a selection of ready-to-connect APIs for popular platforms such as G Suite, Zendesk, Slack, Jira, GitHub and many more.

There are many tools available in Superface

Click to add any of the tools you want your GPT to access.

Some tools, such as Google or GitHub can be authenticated with single sign on. Others, such as Jira, and Zendesk require that you set up and provide an API key that Superface can use to access those services.

Please note that every time you add or remove a tool in Superface, you will need to re-import the schema in your custom GPT Action settings. You can use the URL provided in Superface's GPT Actions section to do this.

Your feedback is important

After implementing Superface as a GPT Action we would love to hear your feedback on how it's working for you. Feel free to drop us an email on with any suggestions, improvements or tool requests.

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