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Integrations monitoring

Superface comes with out-of-the-box monitoring of integrations used by your App. With Superface project you will get insights on your App's API dependencies and their health status. In case of use-case failure, you will also receive an email notification with details about the failing API calls.

Set up integrations monitoring#


  • Node.js app with OneSDK and a capability set up; see Getting started to create one
  • Registered account on to access catalog and dashboard

Create new project#

Create a new project in Superface dashboard.

Get your SDK token#

Copy the project's SDK token.

Use the SDK token with your Application#

In command line, set the token as SUPERFACE_SDK_TOKEN environment variable:

export SUPERFACE_SDK_TOKEN="<your token>"

Run your application again:

node index.js

Check your dashboard#

Observe how are the capabilities used by your application.

Project detail from the dashboard with call statistics and health status of the VCS User Repositories use-case.

Monitor your API dependencies#

In the case of API failure Superface will email you with the notification.

Email stating that github has problems, try using a different provider.