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In this example, we will show you how you can get started working with the Lob API and produce a working use case that adds a new address that can be used to send postcards, letters, and even checks.

Before you start

You will need a Lob API key. Find out how to set that up in the API Keys section of your Lob Account Settings.

Install & Authorize Superface

The Superface CLI provides all the tooling needed to author the Comlinks for your integration.

Install with Homebrew
brew install superfaceai/cli/superface

If you don't have a Superface account already, you can sign up here. You can use your account to authenticate the CLI.

superface login

Prepare the documentation

Lob's documentation is available in Open API Specification format, this can be used as the documentation reference for this use case.

superface prepare lob

Once the documentation has been prepared, you will need to edit the lob.provider.json that has been created to ensure that the correct API base URL and security policy are used. The exact provider definition you need to use is below:

"name": "lob",
"defaultService": "default",
"services": [
"id": "default",
"baseUrl": ""
"securitySchemes": [
"id": "lobBasicAuth",
"type": "http",
"scheme": "basic"
"parameters": []

Define your use case

Next, you can create a profile for the use case you want to achieve, which in this case is to get add a new address to the address list in your Lob account.

superface new lob "add a new address"

A file called will be created in the superface folder as a result of. This is a Comlink file that decribes the input and output expectations that the API expects to achieve this use case.

To turn the Comlink profile into runnable code in either Node.js or Python, use the following command and include the name of the provider and a use case profile you want to work with.

superface map lob address-management/new-address

Add your API key

If you don't already have your Lob API key in your environment, please add the following two variables: LOB_USERNAME and LOB_PASSWORD.

Lob uses the Basic Auth security scheme but only expects that the Username field be populated, with the Password field left blank.

You can use a Test Environment API Key from your Lob Account Settings as the value for the LOB_USERNAME.


Test it

To test it you can use the execute command.

superface execute lob address-management/new-address

If successful, you will see a JSON response of the test address added to your Lob address list.

"address_city": "SAN FRANCISCO",
"address_country": "UNITED STATES",
"address_line1": "123 MAIN ST APT 4B",
"address_line2": null,
"address_state": "CA",
"address_zip": "94105-1804",
"company": "LOB",
"date_created": "2023-07-12T15:23:10.648Z",
"date_modified": "2023-07-12T15:23:10.648Z",
"description": "John Doe's Home Address",
"email": "",
"id": "adr_0619c5c15f8b9036",
"metadata": {},
"name": "JOHN DOE",
"object": "address",
"phone": "555-555-5555"