Superface Brand

We’ve created the following guidelines to help others use our brand and assets. Please contact us of for any intended use not covered by the guidelines. The Superface trademark includes the Superface name & logo, and any word, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies any Superface products. Please don’t modify the trademarks.

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Logos & marks

Superface logotype light
Superface logotype dark
Superface icon light
Superface icon dark
Superface logotype green


Primary #2C43D6
Secondary #1EE2C7
Black background #121418
Gray background #F1F3F7


Figtree - (light, regular, semibold) for headlines
Inter - (regular, semibold) for body copy

Permitted Uses

You may use the Superface marks to truthfully describe the products, services, and technologies that we offer. You may also use Superface marks to state you are a user. For example "Powered by Superface".

For inquiries, please contact

Prohibited Uses

Here are some examples of ways that you should not use the Superface marks:

  • Do not use Superface marks in the name of your business, product or other offering.
  • Do not use marks, logos, company names, slogans, domain names.
  • Do not use the Superface marks in a false or misleading manner.
  • Do not modify the Superface marks. Do not use the Superface marks on or in connection with any defamatory, scandalous, pornographic, obscene or other objectionable materials.