Send SMS Message

Version: 2.0.1

Send a single SMS message or retieve its status.

Send SMS Message

Send single text message

Recepient of the message
Sender of the message
The text of the message
Identifier of Message

Message Status

Retrieve status of a sent SMS message

Identifier of Message
Delivery Status of Message

1. Install

npx @superfaceai/cli install communication/send-sms

2. Use in your code

const { SuperfaceClient } = require('@superfaceai/one-sdk');

const sdk = new SuperfaceClient();

async function run() {
  // Load the installed profile
  const profile = await sdk.getProfile('communication/send-sms');

  // Use the profile
  const result = await profile
      to: '+12127290149',
      from: '+4915207955279',
      text: 'Your order is ready to be picked up!'

  return result.unwrap();


3. Add providers