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Manage Tasks With ChatGPT, Todoist and Superface

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A productive custom GPT needs an excellent to-do list integration. Now, it's possible using the new Todoist tool for Superface.

Superface can help you add productivity tools such as Google Suite, Slack, Jira, and now Todoist to any custom GPT you're building, either for yourself or others.

However, you don't need to build custom GPTs to take advantage of some of our integrations.

Use Todoist from ChatGPT, right now!

If you're looking for fast access to Todoist directly from your regular ChatGPT chat sessions, you can get up and running just by clicking this link and pinning the Superface GPT to your sidebar.

The Superface GPT is a custom GPT built to allow users to work with their Todoist, Jira, Google Suite, Slack or MS Teams accounts without the need to create a custom GPT.

There's more information on how this works in the Superface GPT documentation.

Once you have it pinned, type @ in the message bar and select Superface. Then, you can get started reviewing, completing and adding new tasks from your Todoist account in the ChatGPT interface.

An example of listing tasks and completing one of them in a ChatGPT session

Add Todoist to a custom GPT

Custom GPTs allow you to create an interface around a specific set of prompts and instructions to increase control over contextual input and outputs. This is often used to make a GPT behave in a more specific way or achieve more specific tasks.

Custom GPTs from ChatGPT also allow for customizable Actions that enable external access to APIs and services.

Creating those actions is where Superface comes in.

The Todoist tool in the Superface interface

Every tool, including Todoist, when added to your Superface account, can be used as part of an action in a custom GPT, providing access to daily productivity apps that work seamlessly alongside the power of OpenAI's LLMs.

Rather than requiring you to develop a new action for each tool, which would be time-consuming and complicated to manage, you only need to set up a single action to work with all the tools. Superface provides everything you need to do this.

  • All the available actions combined into one schema to use in your GPT Action
  • Secure API authentication
  • Ability to choose to use your own credentials or securely authenticate the accounts of others
The setup for a custom GPT with Superface

You can use Superface to connect tools to your GPTs by signing up for a free account.

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