Let AI connect the APIs for you!

The Superface CLI
# Install the CLI
$ brew install superfaceai/cli/superface

# Index API documentation from txt, OAS or 
$ superface prepare

# Create a Comlink for your use case
$ superface new notion "List all users"
# Run example application
$ superface execute notion notion-workspace/user-listing

# The result
  { name: 'Krystal Ramos', ... },
  { name: 'Jordan Patterson', ... }

How it works


Point at API docs


State your desired use case


AI creates a communication link


Easy implementation with OneSDK

Superface OneSDK works with
Node.jsPythonCloudflare Edge Workers

Superpowered with AI, WASM and Comlinks

Superface abstracts APIs into the business cases you need, creating Comlinks for you to use in your application.

The interface defines the inputs and outputs, and the map defines how it will be executed in code.

You remain in control of the code, and your app communicates directly with your chosen APIs without any middlemen or proxy.

Comlink interface
usecase ListUsers {
  input {
    Filter output list by fulltext search
    search! string!

    List only active users
    isActive boolean!


  result [{
    users! [{
      name! string!
      comments! [comment]!
Comlink map
function ListUsers({ input, parameters, services }){
  const url = `${services.default}/users`;
  const options = {
    method: 'GET',

  const response = std.fetch(url, options).response();
  const body = response.bodyAuto() ?? {};

  if (response.status !== 200) {
    const error = {
      status: response.status,

      // ... error object mapping

    throw new std.MapError(error);

  const result = {
    users: body.results.users,

    // ... result object mapping

  return result;

Superface is mad beneficial. Here are four things we think you'll appreciate.

Superface is built with developer productivity in mind, quickly creating bespoke integrations tailored to your needs.

If you're working with APIs regularly it will change your workflow forever.

Not a chat-bot for code gen

We're not generating code based on someone else's mistakes. Superface defines how direct communication with APIs should happen. Write code, not letters.

Unified DX for all APIs

Superface's Comlinks and SDK unify the developer experience of all the APIs you work with so you have a consistent workflow regardless of use-case or provider.

Less labor intensive

Saving time and money is always fun, but discovering, testing, and implementing APIs is time consuming. Superface gets you to functional, implementable use cases in minutes.

You maintain control

Comlink profiles can be modified, giving developers flexible control over the structured data AI creates, allowing them to map fields and outputs how they like.

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